Little Whale Cove
Our Story

Our namesake, "Little Whale Cove," today.  
Little Whale Cove History
This link will take you to a general history of the land and its owners written by former resident Jodi Weeber
Depoe Bay History
This link will take you the City of Depoe Bay's history on their website.
The photos below were passed along from the developer's family.  
They show glimpses of what our community looked like prior to construction, which began in the early 1970's.

The barn and storage buildings below are still standing, converted into our present day
Recreation Center, connected with a new foyer and indoor tennis courts.
This building was removed, sadly.
Here are some photos of the original "Maling Estate,"
constructed, we believe, in the roaring 1920's.
This one comes from the Lincoln County Historical Society:
And one more from inside Little Whale Cove, the "only private beach in Oregon." 
(it's actually a brackish freshwater pond, thus the exception)
And in case you're wondering what life was like back in the old days..
From an April 2009 UC Berkeley publication,
“Shell Mounds and Shell Roads: The Destruction of Oregon Coast Middens for Early Road Surfacing.”
We hope you've enjoyed these old photos.
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