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Little Whale Cove is an Oregon Planned-Unit-Development of 268 home-sites on 140 acres in Depoe Bay, with approximately 1,400 residents. Our residents are an eclectic mix of families and retirees from varied geographic and cultural backgrounds, who enjoy a relaxed but active lifestyle. We live in a forest, where it meets the ocean, high atop volcanic cliffs, along the beautiful Central Oregon Coast. 
This Northwest gem includes 40 acres of common area, with a recreation center, indoor pool and spa, exercise room, tennis courts, meeting rooms and many miles of roads and paved or wooden walking paths that meander through rainforest woodlands and along breathtaking ocean cliffs. Some of these paths lead to "Little Whale Cove," a pond created by 3 streams, as they join the ocean.
Little Whale Cove is a very special community in a very special place. There's a rich history, dynamic ecology and diversity of flora and fauna. An active and involved membership offers ample opportunity to make friends, join a social club, volunteer, take a class or enjoy barbecues, seasonal pot-lucks and holiday parties. Or you can hibernate and work on your project all winter long.
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10 Things To Be Prepared For
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Photos of the newly remodeled Recreation Center
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Governing Documents
LWC Forest, Cove and Wetland Mgmt Plan
Important Resident Information
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Cove Notes - July 2019
Cove Notes - April 2019
Cove Notes - January 2019
Innisfree Patio Home Condominiums
Quarterly Board Meetings July, October, January and April (generally speaking).
2019 - 2020 Annual Assessments $34.00 per year, per unit.
      Marcia Lewis - Chair - term expires October 2021
      Les Blumenthal - Vice-Chair - term expires October 2020
      Richard Salazar - Secretary/Treasurer - term expires October 2022
Innisfree Governing Documents
Amendments to Declarations and Bylaws         Management Agreement
Resolution 05-06 Regarding AC Representation from Innisfree
IPHCA Board of Directors Meetings - 2019
May 29, 2019 - MINUTES
February 19, 2019 - MINUTES
IPHCA Board of Directors Meetings - 2018
LWC Information
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Resident Directory
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LWC Committees
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LWC Clubs & Organizations
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Volunteer Opportunities
Safety Committee is seeking Safety Captain's for the following streets:
Shining Mist
If you are interested in volunteering one of these critical emergency response position, please contact our Community Manager.
The Social Committee is in dire need of volunteers to help with the returnable cans and bottles for the months of November and December, 2019.    Volunteers will collect the cans and bottles from both Innisfree and Singing Tree recycle areas, check the cans and bottles to be sure they are the correct recycle materials, and return them to the Bottle Drop in Newport.  The Social Committee depends on this money to fund their events thoughout the year.  If you are able to help with this, please contact Dawn Hardin at sunshinecoastdawn@gmail.com. 
Monthly Board Meeting Recording Secretary to take minutes at monthly board meetings, type up the minutes and submit them to the Community Manager.  The time is about three hours per month.
Newsletter Publisher to handle the quarterly newsletters published for the LWC community.  Articles are written by community members and the publisher needs to enter the articles and photographs into the newsletter template and send it to the office to be sent out.  Please contact the Community Manager if you can take on this responsibility.  The time is about five hours every quarter.
Social Committee Co-Chair needed beginning in October.  This position is a part of the Social Committee Steering Committee which oversees the activities and events in LWC.  This committee meets four times a year for a 2 hour meeting.  Please contact the Community Manager if you can help with this position.
Little Whale Cove Weather
updated April 2020
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